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Faux Leather supplier Yan Chuang Leather Co., Ltd. is located in the famous city of Quanzhou on the Maritime Silk Road in China. Yan Chuang Leather Co., Ltd. founded itself in 2012 with a registered capital of 6 million dollars.

It is an artificial leather production company with product advantages in Fujian Province; now, we have a skilled and rigorous team with excellent product quality, excellent after-sales service, and various products for the market and customers. The company mainly produces, develops, and sells PVC, PU, semi-PU synthesis leather, microfiber, and synthesis leather. It is a leading leather enterprise integrating development, retail, and wholesale in China leather industry.

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11 years of experience accumulated faux leather factory

We are a high-quality faux leather fabric manufacturing company with product advantages in China Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. Our factory has four calendering lines, two coating lines, six foaming furnaces, three embossing machines, 12 surface treatment machines, and one coating and scratching line. Our company produces faux leather products, with an average daily production quantity of more than 100,000 yards. With a skilled and rigorous team, excellent product quality, excellent after-sales service, and a variety of products to all the world market and customers.

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Synthetic leather supports OEM

New European standard environmental protection(REACHUp to 211 items, etc.), Flame retardant, anti-mildew, and other physical requirements such as color fastness can be customized according to samples; welcome to consult and send samples, Yanchuang faux leather supplier. Strives to guarantee service and quality and is worthy of your trust.

Bottom fabric







You can customize the width you want

hardness degree

Hard, moderate and soft can be selected



Customized physical properties

Flame retardant, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, etc.


Optional printing processing

What we do

provide customization

Yanchang Leather Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Provide high-quality imitation leather product customization services

Wholesale of Existing Goods

We have a large amount of stock available from stock, and provide small batch wholesale and export trade at favorable prices

Many styles

Provides you with hundreds of styles, colors and faux leather options

Customized service

Minimum order of 500 meters, support sample processing, packaging customization, modification customization, foreign trade orders

quality inspection

The company has passed ISO9001 certification and can provide various quality inspection reports

Integrity and strength

The integrity, strength and product quality of Yan Chuang Leather Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business

Faux Leather Fabric Selection

The company’s products continue to innovate and become a manufacturer leading the market trend in recent years. The products sell well in Europe, the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Philippine, Korea, and major cities in mainland China. There are many varieties and high quality, let you choose! The company follows honest management and has a long-standing commitment to quality and service. They offer one-stop shopping and comprehensive customer support. Welcome customers to come to call to discuss consultation, mutual benefit and win-win.

Microfiber leather

Microfiber leather

pu leather

PU leather

pvc leather

PVC leather

semi  pu leather

Semi PU leather

Classification Of Faux Leather Fabric Crafts * Rolls Wholesale

As a synthetic leather supplier, we specialize in wholesale synthetic leather rolls, offering reasonably priced high-quality products produced politely to meet your needs. Our company is dedicated to researching and producingreasonably priced high-quality products of environmentally friendly, healthy, and naturally derived organic silicon synthetic leather. Concurrently, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions for synthetic leather. Through ongoing innovation, our company strives to deliver products that are safer, more environmentally friendly, and comfortable but also more durable. We aspire to contribute to a more comfortable and environmentally conscious lifestyle, making significant strides towards the harmonious coexistence of humanity and the Earth.

Faux leather supplier – Yanchuang specializes in synthetic leather rolls wholesale, and we aim to meet your needs with high-quality products and reasonable prices. The company researches and produces humans-contributing environmentally friendly, healthy, natural organic silicon artificial leather while providing customers with faux leather system solutions. Through continuous innovation, the company aims to provide humans with safer, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, and more durable products, contributing to people’s more comfortable and environmentally friendly home life and health, contributing to the harmonious coexistence of humans and the earth.

Yanchuang faux leather rolls wholesale. Our products possess eco-friendly, odorless, breathable, hydrolytic resistance, weather resistance, easy to clean, wear-resistant, flex-resistant, and other advantages. They are applied in various fields, such as home decoration, outdoor furniture, yachts and ships, padded wall decoration, automotive interiors, public facilities, sports equipment, medical devices, etc.

Patent Leather Faux Leather

Patent leather faux leather refers to a leather-like material with a shiny and sturdy surface, which is a fashion-forward clothing material with strong visual effects and styling characteristics. Various brightly colored patent and imitation patent leather home decorations, patent leather clothing materials, and padded wall decorations, such as faux patent leather shoes, are currently in vogue.

Embossed Faux Leather

The development of embossed faux leather aims to achieve a specific decorative effect. It copies the surface textures of rare animals, or designers create it specifically for embossing. After embossing treatment, it becomes embossed faux leather with textures such as lizard scales, devil leather, crocodile leather, ostrich leather, etc.

Printed Faux Leather

Leather products are high-end fashion products with a wide variety of popular patterns and designs that change quickly. Every year, the market introduces new products and materials. The popularity of digital printing has widely utilized faux leather printing.Yanchuang leather wholesale suppliers have rapidly printed various beautiful patterns on different faux leathers in a short period of time, satisfying customers’ demand for different styles of printed leather rolls wholesale.

Frosted Faux Leather

Frosted faux leather is created by polishing the surface, eroding grain scars or rough fibers, and revealing a neatly textured leather fiber structure. Dye in various fashionable colors, resulting in a synthetic leather with a matte finish. This leather undergoes a corrosive treatment, like frosted glass, producing a subdued appearance.

Vegan Leather * Rolls Wholesale

Vegan Leather, or Vegetable Tanned Leather (Veg Tan Leather), is a leather material produced through plant-based processing. It comes in two variations based on its softness and hardness: full Vegan Leather and half Vegan Leather. Among them, full Vegan Leather is the hardest and thickest. The Vegan Leather rolls we wholesale are the optimal choice for interior design and leather products.

Faux Elastic Leather

Elastic leather material is produced by adhering faux leather to the stretchy fabric, increasing elasticity and toughness. Yanchuang, a leading manufacturer of leather products, identifies elastic leather rolls as its preferred supplier.

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