Advantages and disadvantages of microfiber leather

Advantages: Microfiber leather is artificial leather with no pores, so its patterns are more neat and regular, and it is also more waterproof. It can be Washed with water or household alcohol, making it easier to remove oil stains and has high resistance to acid and alkali, making it less susceptible to mold.

Although it is artificial, the wear resistance and flexibility of microfiber leather are still excellent, and the moisture absorption and breathability are also very close. It feels soft and smooth to the touch, and the feel is comfortable. Superfiber leather has better shaping properties than natural leather and is less prone to shrinkage and deformation when exposed to water.

There are also more options for vibrant colors than natural leather, and there is no fatty taste like natural leather. Disadvantages: In terms of quality, there is still a slight gap between the wear resistance of microfiber leather and genuine leather, which is prone to damage, and its comfort, breathability, and moisture permeability are not as good as genuine leather. In terms of appearance, microfiber leather is not as atmospheric as genuine leather, and the surface of low-end microfiber leather products gives a feeling of plastic.

After all, microfiber leather is currently the most technologically advanced synthetic leather. Although some areas are not as good as genuine leather, overall comparison is not inferior to genuine leather. Compared to genuine leather, microfiber leather is more durable. Generally, microfiber leather can last for 3-5 years, while high-quality ones can last longer. Some microfiber leather furniture is detachable furniture that combines with other materials. Even if the part of the microfiber leather is damaged, you can only send this part to replace it with a new one, without purchasing new furniture.