Leather wear resistance: influencing factors, improvement methods, and practical applications

When it comes to the use of leather products, they are increasingly favored by consumers. So the wear resistance of leather is highly valued by manufacturers and consumers. So what are the main factors affecting the wear resistance of leather? How to improve the wear resistance of leather? Below, the editor will analyze for everyone:

Leather wear resistance refers to the ability of leather to resist wear, expressed as the reciprocal of the wear rate or degree under specified friction conditions.

(1) The main influencing factors of leather wear resistance include the mechanical properties of fibers, the morphology and size of fibers, experimental conditions, and leather processing.

(2) The mechanical properties and morphological dimensions of fibers have the following effects: ① The influence of fiber mechanical properties on the relative importance of fiber tensile, bending, and shear properties on leather wear resistance varies depending on the differences in organizational structure and usage conditions; ② The influence of fiber morphology and size.

(3) The important conditions that affect the wear resistance test data of leather include: ① the influence of abrasives; ② The influence of tension and pressure; ③ The impact of temperature and humidity.
In addition, in actual use, due to the effects of sunlight, sweat, humidity, and other factors on leather, the wear resistance of leather of the same specification varies in different environments.

According to research, compared to PVC artificial leather, PU leather has more wear resistance and is less prone to hardening and embrittlement. Especially with the emergence of new green and environmentally friendly leather, the wear resistance of BPU zero solvent leather exceeds the satisfaction of consumers and manufacturers. Whether applied to car seat modifications or leather sofas, its wear resistance is even more prominent, and after long-term use, it still maintains its original feel and color.