PU leather replaces PVC Artificial leather: technology and innovation promote material innovation

With the continuous improvement of domestic and international technological level and the continuous innovation of process technology, artificial leather products have developed into daily consumer products. The dominant PVC artificial leather has gradually been replaced by advanced PU leather with high technological content. So what are the important factors for PU leather to replace PVC artificial leather?

At the beginning, let’s learn about PVC artificial leather. PVC artificial leather is mainly made by adding plasticizer, stabilizer, etc. to PVC. After coloring, coating gel, embossing or embossing, it can be made into a variety of products with similar appearance to leather. PVC artificial leather has developed on a considerable scale since the 1970s due to its characteristics of being similar to natural leather, bright appearance, soft texture, wear resistance, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

However, the development of PVC in recent years has been limited to some extent, as the breathability and moisture absorption of PVC artificial leather are relatively poor. PU leather can become a substitute for PVC in any situation where it is used.

PU leather is a synthetic leather material made of polyurethane, with a fleece as the base and polyurethane solution as the coating. PU leather not only has excellent high strength and toughness, but also is resistant to aging, breathability, moisture permeability, water resistance, and oil resistance, making it a mature environmentally friendly material. Due to the diversity of colors, good material elasticity, and natural texture, it has been applied in many fields. For example, clothing, luggage, footwear, car interiors, sofa furniture, and so on.

A complete production industry chain has been established in many regions of China, and the proficiency of production technology has greatly reduced the production cost of PU synthetic leather. Among them, water-based polyurethane synthetic leather products, solvent based synthetic leather, BPU zero solvent leather, etc.

Among them, water-based polyurethane synthetic leather products are not only cost-effective, but also can promote environmental protection work; BPU zero solvent leather does not contain solvents, and its safety, non-toxicity, and excellent physical properties greatly increase people’s trust in synthetic leather materials. It also laid a solid technical foundation for PU synthetic leather material to further replace traditional PVC synthetic leather material.