The Rise of Eco-Friendly Silicone Leather in the Leather Industry: Where Fashion Meets Quality

In recent years, in the context of global climate change, environmental protection and health have increasingly received high attention and widespread recognition from all sectors of society. Many industries have welcomed reforms, and the leather industry is no exception. In addition to water-based leather and solvent-free leather, the application prospects of environmentally friendly organic silicone leather market are opening up, especially playing an increasingly important role in the high-tech field.

Regarding the current development situation of the leather market, on the one hand, it is people’s pursuit of quality of life, and on the other hand, environmental issues caused by waste are urgent. A leather revolution has emerged as the times require. As a well-known brand in the leather industry, we have brought a new generation of high-performance and environmentally friendly silicone leather solutions. Our products are healthy, environmentally friendly, anti fouling, and flame retardant, meeting the standards of the leather industry.

It is understood that environment-friendly silicone leather is developed based on our years of technology in the field of innovative materials. The solvent-free production process is adopted to realize the direct bonding of silicone materials with various substrates, without the use of organic solvents, which makes the VOC release far less than the national mandatory standards, and has high green value for the sustainable development of the industry and the goal of helping carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

01 in line with the concept of green development

In the era where everyone pursues environmental protection, we have stricter requirements for ourselves, insisting on not adding any toxic solvents to raw materials. Silicone based polymers are the main raw materials, and we do not rely on petrochemical resources, making silicone leather products free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, etc. It not only meets the policy requirements of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, but also makes consumers feel at ease when using it.

02 Powerful product features

Environmentally friendly silicone leather has practical characteristics such as good stain resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance. At the same time, the finished product has good durability properties. With strict raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, even after being stored for more than ten years, high-quality leather products can still achieve long-lasting renewal. Environmentally friendly silicone leather adds a sense of ceremony to your life, meets people’s demand for low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and high-performance coating materials, and provides you with a more comfortable living experience.

03 Wide range of leather applications

Environmentally friendly silicone leather can replace traditional leather coating materials, reduce the dependence of the leather industry on petrochemical resources, and meet the policy requirements of sustainable development and carbon peaking. And its powerful product functions can be applied in high-end fields such as automobiles, aviation, luggage, furniture, clothing, and healthcare.

With the continuous research and development of major silicone leather manufacturerss, the quality of silicone leather is becoming higher and higher, and there are more and more industries that can be applied. I believe that in the future, this environmentally friendly leather will gradually enter millions of households. In the days to come, we will continue to work hard to provide people with safer, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, and more durable products, and promote the high-quality development of the leather industry.