Cross Grain faux leather

Cross grain is a type of embossed skin, and there are also lychee grain skin and water grain skin that belong to embossed skin. The production principle of embossed leather is generally the same, which is to spray the surface of cowhide with PVC or PU film, and then press it into shape with a corresponding textured steel plate surface at a certain temperature. After being supported by embossed faxu leather, the true and natural texture of the faxu leather material cannot be seen, presenting a texture similar to a cross pattern or other irregular shapes. After embossing, the leather material not only retains the moisture absorption and breathability of the genuine faxu leather, but also increases the wear-resistant and waterproof properties of the coating. More importantly, the appearance and hardness have changed, and the plasticity is stronger. Exquisitely textured cross grain faxu leather, with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality wax coating, makes it wear-resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. Simply wipe it clean with a microfiber towel.