Yangbuck Grain faux leather

Lamb faux leather is a type of artificial faux leather made from lambskin resin using specific production techniques. It is mainly used for water dyed leather such as faux leather, luggage, sofas, car interiors etc. The waxed cowhide is produced in Spain and India. The surface of the waxed leather is not decorated, but only dyed. After being polished with waxed water, the skin pattern on the surface is clear, with a strong three-dimensional sense and a smooth feel. It is also called Yangbage. Yangba leather is made from Yangba resin through specific production techniques. It is easy to absorb water because it is composed of fiber tissue, breathable, and absorbent. It is usually coated with a layer of waterproof paint wax on the surface. It is mainly used for making luggage, sofas, interior decoration etc.