Microfiber Leather Faux Leather Fabric By The Yard Faux Leather Material

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Microfiber small bone pattern microfiber leather is a type of artificial leather material with a unique texture. The small bone pattern design is both fashionable and exudes a high-end quality feel. This type of leather performs excellently in terms of scratch resistance and wear resistance and is widely used in areas such as luggage, handbags, shoe materials, and sofas. Microfiber small bone pattern leather, with its high quality and durability, is highly favored in the artificial leather market. This material not only meets consumers’ demands for fashion and practicality, but also promotes the sustainable development of the leather industry. The advent of microfiber small bone pattern leather brings a more environmentally friendly, durable, and uniquely textured material choice to the fashion industry.

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Microfiber Leather







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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Luggage, Sporting Goods, Belts, Clothing, Industry, Musical Instruments, Equipment


Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Rose Red, White, Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Pink, Smoke Powder, Rose Red, Carmine, Light Purple, Dark Red, Black, Black

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