0.9mm Suede Bottom Soft Cowhide Napa Pattern PU Leather Luggage Handbag Ladies Bag Car Seat Sofa Leather


The soft cowhide Napa patterned PU leather with a suede bottom successfully combines practicality and fashion charm. Its unique Napa patterned surface exudes an elegant texture, while the suede sole provides a soft and comfortable touch for the leather. This PU leather is very suitable for various leather products, such as luggage, handbags, women’s bags, car seats, and sofas, giving every product a noble and elegant atmosphere that is unforgettable. With its exquisite Napa grain design and cowhide texture, this leather has become the preferred material for many designers and consumers.

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PU Leather






Napa Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home, Bags, Sporting Goods, Belts, Musical Instruments, Equipment


White, Pink Ash, Yellow, Beige, Pink Apricot, Earthy Yellow, Meat Powder, Taupe, Dark Yellow, Rice Flour, Mud, Camel, Pink, Light Blue, Light Brown, Rouge, Tender Green, Brown, Light Purple, Light Green, Dark Brown, Rose Red, Army Green, Coffee Brown, Orange Red, Light Gray, Dark Black Powder, Chinese Red, Tile Gray, Dark Brown, Scarlet, Indigo, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Gray, Dark Coffee, Dark Blue, Light Silver, Black, Tin

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