1.0mm bronzing metal film lychee pattern PU leather bright surface luggage shoe material decoration bag cosmetic box leather


Stamped metal film lychee-patterned PU leather is a synthetic leather material, exuding fashionable allure and unique design elements. Crafted from high-quality PU leather with a thickness of 1.0mm, its surface undergoes a hot stamping process and is subsequently overlaid with a metallic film, generating a distinctive dual-gloss effect. The lychee grain texture of this leather imparts a natural feel, solidifying its position as a superior material choice for products such as glossy bags, footwear, decorative bags, and cosmetic boxes. The 1.0mm gilded metal film lychee grain PU leather not only showcases a fashionable style but also embodies traits of wear resistance, stain resistance, and easy cleaning, thus adding unique aesthetic and practical value to a variety of products.

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PU Leather






Lychee Grain

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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home, Bags, Belts, Clothing


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