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Vintage faux leather classic lizard patterned PU leather is a unique and artistic artificial leather. The surface design of this leather is inspired by the skin texture of small lizards, and the exquisite simulated texture makes it extremely close to natural leather in both visual and tactile aspects. The retro design elements give this leather an old and noble flavor, suitable for making various retro style products. As PU leather, it has good wear resistance, water resistance and aging resistance, so it is very convenient to use and maintain. Whether in the decoration of high-end furniture or in the exquisite production of luggage, retro faux leather with classic lizard pattern PU leather can showcase its unique style and excellent performance.

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PU Leather






Lizard Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Bags, Sporting Goods, Belts, Clothing


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