1.1mm classic soft and delicate nappa pattern PU leather artificial leather handbag Padded Wall seat cover pillow material

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The classic, soft, and delicate Napa grain PU leather is a superior and stylish synthetic leather material. Its surface exhibits a refined Napa texture, infusing a product with an aura of elegance and nobility. Renowned for its soft and delicate texture, this leather is an optimal material for items like handbags, soft seat covers, and pillows. The classic Napa grain PU leather not only mimics the texture and aesthetic appeal of natural leather but also integrates the benefits of synthetic leather, including environmental sustainability, wear resistance, stain resistance, and easy maintenance. The broad application of this material offers consumers a practical yet fashionable option, satisfying the high-quality expectations inherent to contemporary living.

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PU Leather






Napa Grain

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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Sporting Goods, Belts, Industrial, Musical Instruments, Gear


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