1.6mm half pu suede bottom small lychee pattern leather leisure bag sofa bed cushion car seat leather


This suede leather with a small lychee pattern uses a deer skin velvet bottom, which has a soft overall feel and has undergone professional surface treatment to present a matte visual effect. It not only retains the texture of genuine leather, presenting a clear, delicate, and soft texture like the skin, but also exhibits a unique luster and touch, which is significantly different from other materials and is one of the superior materials. The exquisite lychee pattern can make the design more incisive. This classic inheritance of lychee patterns never ends. Through the test of time, it still retains a simple, concise, and generous feeling, allowing you to depict elegance and composure without paying attention. Just like the pebbles on the beach, its color and naturally weathered appearance are primitive elements that can withstand the test of time.

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Semi PU Leather






Lychee Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Furniture, Bags, Outdoor Mats, Table Mats, Stationery


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