1.6mm large lychee pattern half pu artificial leather deerskin velvet bottom casual bag saddle leather sofa car seat leather


This large lychee patterned semi PU artificial leather has a deer skin velvet bottom, which has a soft overall feel and has undergone professional surface treatment to present a matte visual effect. At the same time, it retains the texture of genuine leather, presenting a clear, delicate, and soft texture like the skin. Its unique luster and tactile feel make it significantly different from other materials, making it one of the superior materials. The excellent lychee pattern can showcase the best effect of a good design. The fabric is soft and tough, comfortable to touch and skin friendly, durable, and is a basic element of the bag’s raw materials. The interior is also designed in the same color as the fabric, reducing the lining and achieving the effect of integrated production. The lychee patterns hidden deep in the wrinkles add unique embellishments, while the intricate textures of different tactile fabrics create a wonderful visual effect. Starting from exploring the details of life, adhering to innovation and development also endows products with infinite vitality

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Semi PU Leather







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Shoes, Furniture, Bags, Outdoor Mats, Table Mats, Stationery


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