1.7 thick imitation leather fine grain plain pvc heat insulation table mat saddle leather office writing cushion leather

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Small lychee patterned PU leather is a fashionable leather material designed specifically for the background decoration of luggage, handbags, saddle leather furniture, sofas, and bedside walls. Its unique texture and high-quality performance inject a unique personality and style into your life. Small litchi grain PU leather is made of high-quality PU materials, presenting a touch similar to the real leather, and has excellent wear resistance and anti-aging properties. This leather material is characterized by its unique small lychee texture, adding a sense of fashion and texture to your leather goods such as bags and handbags. In terms of saddle leather furniture, sofa, and bedside wall background decoration, the application of small lychee grain PU leather brings an elegant and tasteful atmosphere to your living space.

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PVC Leather






Plain Weave

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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Bags, Sporting Goods, Belts, Clothing, Industry, Musical Instruments, Accessories, Table Mats And Mouse Pads


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