1.8MM fine-grained pvc double-sided leather outdoor mat dining table mouse pad with the same color and bottom double-sided leather manufacturers wholesale


Fine grain PVC double-sided leather, when modern design pursues simplicity and poetic and picturesque coexistence, soft tones become one of the best choices. Just like a vase in the mist, hazy and graceful, with a lingering fragrance that captivates people. The racing car is like a flame that catches our eyes, burning with desire and passion. He is the passionate lips of a lover, revealing love and fragrance. Its elegant posture and unrestrained personality ignited the flower of life. The bright colors inject vitality into the mundane life, making everything full of emotions. Military dark green comes with a refreshing and melancholic black style, always at the end of fashion. It can be paired with black to create a pure military style tone. It can also be paired with neutral colors, bringing elegance and fragrance from the garden. No matter where you are, you won’t find it dazzling, but you are unconsciously attracted to it. Mainly suitable for fields such as table mats, luggage, mouse pads, and automotive interiors.

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PVC Leather






Fine Grain Leather

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Shoes, Furniture, Home, Luggage, Other


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