1.8mm small lychee pattern PVC fabric outdoor mat table mat mouse pad luggage storage tray double-sided leather


This PVC double-sided leather presents a lychee texture. In modern design, the pursuit of simplicity and poetic coexistence has become the mainstream, and gentle tones have become one of the best choices, like a vase in a mist, hazy and charming, making people intoxicated. Racing red is like a flame burning desire and passion, like the passionate lips of a lover, conveying love and fragrance. Its elegant appearance and unrestrained personality ignite people’s flowers of life, while bright colors inject vitality into plain life, making everything more emotional. Military dark green comes with a refreshing and melancholic black style, always at the end of fashion. It can be paired with black to create a pure military style, or it can be paired with neutral colors, with a garden like elegance and fragrance, which won’t appear dazzling in any position but is easy to attract people’s attention. This double-sided leather is suitable for various fields such as table mats, luggage, mouse pads, and automotive interiors.

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PVC Leather






Lychee Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Furniture, Bags


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