existing goods wholesale 1.0mm large lychee pattern PVC artificial leather stationery packaging sofa furniture luggage leather


The large lychee patterned PVC artificial leather, with its unique design and excellent performance, brings a fashionable and practical leather choice to the market. The surface of its large lychee pattern presents a natural and textured appearance, perfectly integrating traditional elements with modern style, bringing a unique style to various leather products. PVC artificial leather is widely used in fields such as stationery packaging, sofas, furniture, and luggage. Its wear resistance and easy handling characteristics make it the preferred material for consumers and designers. The design of the large lychee pattern not only has a sense of fashion, but also gives leather a certain artistic value. This PVC artificial leather has gained widespread recognition and love in the market due to its exquisite design and practicality.

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PU Leather






Lychee Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Bags, Belts, Clothing, Industry, Musical Instruments, Equipment


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