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This semi PU synthetic leather is of a suitable size, as beautiful and spectacular as the blooming water, like the surging waves of the Yellow River. Life can also be as free and easy as rain, let us become firm, tenacious, highly independent people, and finally become the ownership of the world and the times. Kun transforms into a bird, turns into a roc, and soars with its wings soaring upwards for 90000 miles; The big tree prunes out the most essence and produces sweet fruits. Even if it has no wings, it can fly far with its feet. Many people ask me how I feel when walking at night, but I can only think of the magnificent ocean and the sparkling stars. The glory of the Tang Dynasty has become history, but poetry has been passed down for thousands of years; The city-states of ancient Greece have long disappeared, but the flames of freedom and democracy are still burning in broader fields.

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Semi PU Leather







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Shoes, Furniture, Home, Luggage, Clothing


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