Microfiber Leather 0.9mm Microfiber Leather Lychee Pattern Wear-resistant Luggage and Bags Shoes Furniture Sofa Artificial Leather Leather Microfiber


Microfiber leather with a lychee texture is a superior synthetic material that closely resembles genuine leather, providing consumers with a practical and highly realistic alternative. This microfiber leather exhibits exceptional performance across various applications and finds extensive usage in the production of luggage, shoe materials, furniture, sofas, and other products. When used in the production of luggage, the microfiber leather with a lychee grain artificial texture showcases excellent wear resistance, imparting a fashionable and high-quality texture to the product. In the realm of shoe materials, this leather material offers a beautiful and durable surface, satisfying consumers’ requirements for both practicality and aesthetics. Furthermore, microfiber leather with a lychee grain texture proves highly notable in the furniture industry, particularly for producing sofa surface materials. Its remarkable wear-resistant properties and exquisite lychee grain pattern provide a comfortable and long-lasting surface material for household use. The exceptional performance and unique texture of the microfiber lychee patterned artificial leather make it an ideal choice for various product manufacturing, fulfilling consumers’ pursuit of both aesthetics and functionality. Consequently, the widespread adoption of microfiber leather, such as this lychee patterned variant, has garnered significant attention and popularity in the market.

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Microfiber Leather






Lychee Grain

Main Use

Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Sporting Goods, Belts, Industrial, Musical Instruments, Gear


Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Forest Green, Dark Olive Green, Army Dark Green, Shadow Green, Elm Green, Gray Green, Turquoise Green, Water Green, Grass Green, Green River Color, Green Stem Color, Fresh Green, Bean Green, Light Yellow Green, Bud Green, Mint Milk Green, Midnight Gray, Ink Blue, Indigo Ink, Navy Blue, Deep Sea Blue, Dark Blue Purple, Dark Blue Green, Sea Blue, Sapphire Blue, Lake Blue, Orchid Green, Azure, Lake Blue, Gray Blue, Foam Blue, Feather Blue, Blue Gray Disc, Light Mist, Dark Blue Gray, Rock Gray Green

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