Pinhole pattern perforated leather 1.0mm dot punching pattern pu artificial leather wholesale environmentally friendly breathable leather


This pinhole patterned and perforated leather has become a highly anticipated 1.0mm thick PU artificial leather with round dot punching patterns due to its unique design and excellent performance. Its unique pinhole and perforated design endows leather with excellent breathability and provides consumers with a comfortable user experience. As an environmentally friendly and breathable leather, this PU artificial leather strictly follows environmental requirements during the production process to ensure that its impact on the environment is minimized. Widely used in various leather products, such as shoes, bags, furniture, and other fields, this needle punched leather has been highly sought after by consumers due to its practicality and environmental protection concept. This PU synthetic leather has attracted a large number of customers with its high-quality performance and innovative design, making it the preferred choice for many merchants and designers.

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PU Leather






Punching Grain

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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home, Bags, Belts, Clothing


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