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Napa grain semi PU leather is highly praised for its classic and highly regarded characteristics. It conforms to the trend of pursuing a comfortable home style, and is an elegant and confident mid tone. This leather is both elegant and charming, full of charming romantic feelings, always giving you a unique temperament. Litchi grain leather has good softness and a dry texture, giving people a very fresh feeling. As human visual animals, we cannot ignore a red flower in the green leaves, nor can we escape the intoxication of the sunset. When a color breaks away from the unattainable nature and quietly dances at home in a more approachable manner, it can not only display the bright and domineering high saturation of sapphire blue, but also not more approachable than mint blue, not as elegant as peacock blue, but also with a sense of nobility, and can achieve success in any occasion. Whether you are chasing the latest trends and fashion, or still yearning for inner peace, dark green has prepared the answer for you. It is an elegant and quaint modern color scheme that is both full and romantic, both rural and minimalist.

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Shoes, Gloves, Furniture, Home, Bags


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