Is eco-leather environmentally friendly?

If this involves traditional eco-leather-, then this question cannot be answered clearly. Cotton base is used in its production. From an environmental perspective, everything is fine here.

But here comes the second component of eco-leather – the polyurethane film. It’s a polymer plastic material that contains various additives that give it different consistencies: hard, liquid, viscous, plastic.

From a toxicity standpoint, polyurethane foam (which, depending on its condition, is used in a variety of industries) is not harmful to humans, according to its manufacturers. However, during the production of polyurethane, a variety of environmentally harmful ingredients are used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eco Leather

The advantages of eco-leather include the following properties:

The material perfectly mimics real leather. In terms of texture and performance, it is close to analogues.
This is a frost-resistant material that won’t tan like regular artificial leather in severe frosts. Withstands temperatures as low as -35 °C.
Water vapor and air are permeable due to the micropores that penetrate the film. But it doesn’t let water pass through.
Does not emit harmful substances and toxins, has no odor, does not cause a greenhouse effect, is safe and hypoallergenic.
It is a soft, tactile, stretchy, warm and odorless material.
Anti-deformation – garment will not stretch or stretch at knees, elbows.
Tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant and durable material. Resistant to wear and damage – won’t crack over time like natural leather.
UV Not Sensitive – Will not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.
Colors and textures vary.
The care requirements are not high.
Cheap compared to genuine leather.
Cheaper and more user-friendly production process.
The material is easy to cut and sew.


Some stains, such as marker stains, are difficult to remove from the canvas surface.
Not suitable for long-term wear in sunny, hot weather – the surface of man-made materials can become very hot. Wearing clothes or shoes made from cheap eco-leather can become stuffy and uncomfortable.
If the surface layer of the canvas is damaged, even minor damage cannot be repaired or repaired in any other way. That said, eco-leather products are irreparable.
Types of Eco Leather
Faux imitations of genuine leather are divided into several types based on strength, wear resistance, finishing method and composition.

Microfiber eco-leather
The fabric uses polyester-coated fibers as its base. Fabrics with a porous structure provide properties such as breathability and water repellency.

PU leather
The canvas consists of three layers: a high-quality thin polyurethane coating, a waste leather layer and a cotton layer. The quality and performance of this eco-leather are not inferior to natural leather.

PVC leather
Rigid, porous, dense yet elastic fabric made from a fiber base impregnated with a polymer compound and coated with a layer of PVC.

Eco-leather perforation
It is characterized by an unusual texture with small perforated patterns printed on the canvas.

Eco-leather, self-adhesive
Durable adhesive material. Thicker and resistant to mechanical damage.

stretch leather
THREE-LAYER ELASTIC SLIM MATERIAL: Cotton base is polymer-coated on both sides. This type is characterized by its ability to stretch well without damage or cracking. Most clothes are made of it – skirts, tops, pants, shirts.

Exotic eco-leather
Using a special press, a faux snakeskin or crocodile skin effect is achieved by embossing the surface of the canvas.

The advantages of eco-leather were so obvious that this material quickly replaced other man-made fabrics on the market. It began to be applied not only to light industry, but also to other sectors of the national economy.

Eco leather clothes
Eco-leather clothing varies according to use and season. Daily wear can be dresses, skirts, suits, pants. Depending on the style, cut and purpose, leather garments can be paired with shoes, sneakers, outerwear and down jackets.

What else is made of eco-leather?
These are boots, shoes, shoes. Various accessories: bags, gloves, belts, wallets, berets, leather panama hats, wide headbands in various colors. Eco-leather is used in the medical industry to make dentures. For upholstery on upholstered furniture and car covers. Used to make rugs, indoor bouquets, panels, patterned pillows.