Microfiber synthetic leather

Microfiber leather is the abbreviation for ultra fine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather, which is the third generation of artificial leather after PVC synthetic leather and PU synthetic leather. The excellent performance of microfiber leather mainly comes from the microfiber leather substrate, which is processed from ultrafine fibers through non-woven fabric.

It is precisely because of the extreme fineness of its base cloth – microfiber, and at the same time through the PU polyurethane resin impregnation, it completely simulates the structure of natural leather, so it has more excellent properties than ordinary artificial leather, and is closer to the natural fiber of leather in structure. To some extent, some of its performance even surpasses that of genuine leather.

Therefore, microfiber faux leather is also widely used in sports shoes, women’s boots, automotive interiors, furniture sofas, high-end gloves, and electronic product jackets, and has shown a rapid growth trend year by year.