Oil skin and maintenance

What is oil skin: Oil skin is divided into horse oil skin or cowhide skin, and its leather itself has oil that penetrates into the leather, avoiding cracks caused by prolonged contact with air and becoming dry.

This oil does not pollute clothes. Oil skin, due to different production methods, has the natural texture and friendly touch of ordinary leather, with a shiny and moist appearance, without the need for oil, and can always maintain a moist appearance and delicate touch, Due to this characteristic, oilskin has become very popular this year and has become a commonly used fabric in high-end customized bags.

Cow hide is a type of cattle leather, belonging to high-end products. The coating is extremely thin, with strong adsorption and permeability, good hygiene performance, soft feel, smooth surface, and the leather contains oil that is not easy to mold, bacteria, and odorless. Cowhide leather is more wear-resistant.

Maintenance of oil skin: Oil skin has natural wrinkling and discoloration effects, and it is normal for different parts to have different colors. When using, attention should be paid to waterproofing and anti fouling. It is recommended to use leather clothing or sofa cleaner for cleaning.

It is particularly worth mentioning that even if there are scratches on the cowhide, there is no need to worry. Just use a soft cloth to wipe off the scratches and they will disappear. If you notice that the color of the bag has become lighter, you need to apply oil. Avoid using various bags to wipe oil, just use a dry cloth to wipe it.