Patent Leather

Artificial leather patent leather is a classic high-grade shoemaking material, which is mostly used for women’s and men’s single shoes, fashion shoes and bags. With its gorgeous color and Mirror visual effect, it is favored by the vast number of consumers and has been enduring.

With the continuous improvement of consumers’ requirements for the comfort of footwear, shoe enterprises also put forward new requirements for Artificial leather patent leather suppliers: to ensure the excellent flatness and mirror effect of traditional patent leather, while providing softer and fuller patent leather materials.

Lacquer leather requires wear-resistant grain surface, and the process of leather polishing is crucial to remove surface defects. Leather suppliers need to ensure that the leather surface is uniform and consistent. Usually, 180 # -220 # sandpaper is used to grind the bottom and surface once respectively. In order to make the surface more delicate, it is best to lightly grind the grain surface layer again with 400 # sandpaper. The fineness of the leather is determined by the flatness of the finished product.