PVC Leather Manufacturers

China’s Artificial leather synthetic leather industry chain has formed thousands of upstream raw materials and tens of thousands of downstream manufacturers, and Artificial leather synthetic leather is not only subordinate to the plastic industry, but also distributed in the leather system, textile system, military, transportation and other systems.

In addition, the production and manufacturing of Artificial leather and synthetic leather is a highly specialized subject, involving the application of dozens of plastic polymer materials, filling media of inorganic materials, theories of different types of textile cloth bases, intelligent automation applications, printing, coating industry, Clothing industry industry, shoes industry and other literary theories; The design of product lines should apply aesthetic, Grammatology, plants, animals, nature, geometry and other relevant cultural knowledge.

During the manufacturing process, the molecular weight and other values and characteristics of upstream raw materials such as PVC resin, PU resin and DOP plasticizer should be studied in depth, especially Microfiber. The research of breathable leather should also be based on the understanding of natural leather structure, so as to better design its microporous structure.

The production process of Artificial leather synthetic leather is quite complex. There are dozens of process routes, such as calendering, coating and scraping, tape casting, steel strip method and post-treatment process, such as art spraying, color matching, printing, flocking, skin grinding, embossing, etc. The physical properties, chemical properties, texture, hand feel and visual effects of Artificial leather have reached the performance of animal skin, which is the crystallization of human productivity and wisdom.

There are more than 3000 varieties of Artificial leather synthetic leather, and the downstream products are more and more widely used, involving the aerospace field, diving industry, transportation, sports equipment, medical equipment, building materials, including luggage fabrics, shoe fabrics, clothing fabrics, sofa fabrics, etc., which are necessary for people’s daily life.

The nano materials developed have been applied to Artificial leather synthetic leather, the emergence of radiation resistant synthetic leather, infrared resistant synthetic leather, and the functions of deodorization, mildew resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and aging resistance have changed the status quo of traditional product simplification.