Semi PU Supplier

Production and manufacturing processes for PU suppliers and wholesalers

  1. Preparation of substrate

Manufacturers choose suitable substrates, usually using textiles or non-woven fabrics as substrates. The substrate needs to be cleaned and treated to ensure a smooth surface and free of impurities

  1. Surface coating

Make polyurethane (PU) coating material into a liquid state, and then evenly apply the coating on the surface of the substrate using methods such as spraying, scraping, or dipping

  1. Drying and curing

After coating is completed, the substrate of the coating is sent to the drying room for drying, allowing the coating to solidify and solidify, forming a PU layer

  1. Surface treatment

As needed, surface treatment of the PU layer, such as sanding, embossing, printing, or dyeing, is carried out to give it the desired appearance effect

  1. Backing processing

As needed, processing can be carried out on the back of the PU layer, such as coating or adhesive backing, to increase strength and stability

  1. Organize and Crop

The manufacturer arranges, cuts, and trims the finished PU synthetic leather to meet the required size and shape

  1. Inspection and Quality Control

The purchaser inspects the finished product, checking its appearance quality, strength, and durability indicators to ensure that the product quality meets the standards

  1. Packaging and Delivery

Package qualified PU synthetic leather and prepare for factory shipment and wholesale supply to various parts of the world