Woven Leather Material

Fashion designers interact with different types of synthetic leather fabrics every day, and the different textures formed by different weaving methods bring more possibilities to design.

The weaving type of fabric determines the smoothness, comfort, and thickness of leather, so when choosing fabrics for your design, you should also consider the durability, tear strength, and drape of synthetic leather fabrics.

Synthetic leather fabric is made of interwoven yarns made from natural fibers, artificial fibers, or various different fibers. The original The original weave of woven fabrics includes three types: plain, twill, and satin. Various changing organizations, joint organizations, complex organizations, and jacquard organizations are based on these three types of changes and combinations, also known as the “three original organizations”.

The combination of different types of synthetic leather fabrics will give the fabric a more interesting woven pattern, bringing both tactile and visual value and beauty to the design.